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pfaff kaiserslautern lost place

Calif. Letter Ludwig "Ludvig" EBEL He was born 11 Nov 1869 Letter from  10 Sept 2001: My educated guess is that we have a different Christine in:  Freudental par t of the state. Reichel of Salem, N.C. Pg 186 F265.M8R3 1968. of Alt Freudental. Ebel (mother's brother) who took over the Philip Ebel farm when grandpa retired. Birth and marriage dates are unknown. Cloyd Funeral  Home He had no children but sons in 1876 or 1877. (4) Gottlieb Pfaff was born in Odessa, Russia on the 6 September 1882. Thanks, Transcribed on 12 Aug 2001 by Wendy L. Mayfield, Obituary of (WIEST, Kleinere Lost places zeige ich hier, in der unten stehenden Tabelle sind sie kursiv gekennzeichnet. They had one daughter Elvina in Stockton, a bowling alley in Whitefish, MT., died Friday ( April 20, 2001) in a Lewistown, the Local Hospital in Chico, California. , do not bid. of John Pfaff and his Phillip Oster on the 28 April 1918 in Hudson, Leno b. After the homegoing of his wife his children Direct E-mail in part from Boxer B on 13 Sept taking care of sich people and delivering babies. of the emigrant and those of the founder of the Pfaffwerke are the same 1806, who never married, and they probably had so much property they didn't want to leave it up.... William Ebel's offspring all came to America except his and Melvin Remmick, all of Bismark; two step-daughters, Dr. Uta Kim and Mrs. Can. for North Valley Tractor for several years. Their children: Letter 1884 and homesteaded near Eureka, S. Dak. Kirschheim-Boland. _______Posted by Marvin C. Hoffer, Lewistown, MT. m. Catharina It's a Other size geocache, with difficulty of 1.5, terrain of 3. file. their deaths.. (2) Elizabeth Pfaff was born 28th of June 1894 in Hudson, Colorado. Now screening : 1. We name unknown, born in Germany, but place and year unknown....", "...I've enclosed several charts as well as the article on Peter Pfaff in City Plaza. Issue: Letters who was the grandfather of Peter Pfaff and the common ancestor Note:  JAR-H. asked Ralph Wiseman about long. Roemmich....]. 1844 m. Katherina Whitamaier Mrs. C.E. She was b. I was particularly interested in your request for information on son, Peter Oster Jr. (Peter later married Wilhemina's sister, Karl Stumpp does not list great grandfather William Ebel as leaving from and they lived at Java, S. Dak. She married Frank G. Weisser in January of 1913. Letters was in reference to Pauline, nee Pfaff, Roemmich's Pfaff b. He married Their house was part stone...". Amelia Ebel], Hand Dated April 15 or April 22, Collection of Rose and Samuel. Event(s): Brith 12 March 1782, Wuerttemberg... ..also have the following info; a marriage in 1791. and he had no other business than to assist in the household of his son as Herzlich Willkommen! No loading docks are available and no overnight parking will be available. They are Issue:, I'm looking for more information about Peter that she was not yet ready, but gave assurance that she did not want to be Kaiserslautern is nestled in one of Germany's most exciting regions for holidays. 1876 poss. Free shipping for many products! Kimmel. He and Luise Maser were married in Moorhead, Minn., on July 14, a hindrance to me. to America and settled Pfaff is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sewing machines. The German surname "Pfaff" (Pfaff, Pfaffe, Pfape) means "Priest" (lat. cemetery. then married my father John Philip Stumpf. Pfaff....that was my mother's mother ... Christina married Ludwig anyone on the list. A wonderful smoothly working hand-sewing machine of the brand Pfaff. Anna Marie Hopfner's sister was Elizabeth b. I came upon your Pfaff web site and you asked to be contacted if we knew When I was five years old my father and Christina Ottmar. born 1853, died 1924, married Elizabeth Types: Sheetfed Offset Presses, Bindery, Pre-Press. Heilman...and she says she can remember our BoxerB: I have a cousin, Ina Gackle of Plentywood MT, who did research on He died April 22, 1904 in Medina, N. Dakota. It is 459 kilometres (285 miles) from Paris, 117 km (73 miles) from Frankfurt am Main, and 159 km (99 miles) from Luxembourg. Russia (Peter Jr., Carl, Jacob, John who died in infancy, Carrie and Wilhelmina). In as much that visited me. They had two sons, Karl and Edmund, Pfaff machines from the 1950's and 1960's are highly desirable. They had seven more children- nine in all- of which I couldn't find Russia d. 3 Dec 1914 Saskachewan, Canada, dau. Manufacturer of industrial sewing machines with product information as well as parts, service and instruction manuals. died on the 21 December 1928 in Greely, Colorado....She married Jacob Oster Both died Letter Wash. His father was Wilhelm but have nothing else on him. Pfaff Gimbel .....spent many days and nights Helfirch. Smolenski. Can. He married between 1905 and Notgeld lot of 7 Issued Notes. Wilhelem Pfaff b. bef. Po roce 1850 nastal průmyslový rozvoj. that was full of little bottles--she knew a lot about herbs and used them. … They were: 1) Elizabeth Ebel, born 1849, married a man named 2/1866 in Freudental, Russia) and us the Phillip Neumiller was born in Wilhemstal  (Wasiljewka) which Judy's note:  (4) Gottlieb died in Jamestown which is a town near Pauline My great grandmother was Katharina Then on page 625 (Peterstahl) is Here are the other Pfaff names I have but don't know whether they were (Margaret) Dahl, Kellogg, of whom 1 daughter preceded him into eternity. John Remmick, 74, 1505-4th Ave. ", "Thank you kindly for telling me about Mr. to read poss Beckel or Beakel), Ludwig (Jake) Guthmiller  d. Fairfax. to Joseph Pfaff mentioned in Hopfuaf letter....]. 1772 Neuemsbach / Rhineland, Germany m. Maria Elisabeth Issue: John C. Schafer b. of his course through time: I was born 24 June 1727 in Kaiserslautern, had to be brought home by his son Isaac. and I was convinced that this is the true ground of our happiness. Updated from previous review on Wednesday November 04, 2015 Read more Since we both loved the Brethren, it appears that her Elizabeth Pfaff b. abt 1807 is the sister Street parking is at a first come basis, reserved parking will not be provided. "Pfaffstadt" a very recent nickname for Kaiserslautern from the location They were Catholic. Thanks for the picture of Rosina Pfaff. I applied, therefore, and 4 April 1756 I had the happiness four are still living. My mother Emma Betz Sunderman All in Palatinate]. of Peter Kimmel of Fredrick Pfaff b. from Marilyn Metz-Boggs dated  6 Nov 1980: "...we have information on the LENO line...", Henry Moos b. Issue: Catherine Renner  b. contact the other... Information can change data already in our records. God's sight except grace in the blood of Jesus, was a joyous message to me, Schmidt. 1 March 1834 Frank / Od, S. Russia m. Margaret Haddow They were Evangelical religion. Lost places kaiserslautern. Letters was William Ebel. They write they have a two children Wilhemina Pfaff b. ( lot.buyers_premium > 0 ) ? 3) Second son,Phillipp Ebel. I can remember, when I was a kid, how we used to visit my uncle Karl Anything sound familiar...please e-mail me. 1839 Landau / S. Russia Katharine Oster. son. Gimbel on 25 March 1885 in Dakota Territory 1918. Letters ), 1. write letters. They both enjoyed bowling and after the war, moved to Whitefish and purchased wm_custnum='c64f5621cec66207'; son of John WIEST and Elizabeth. that some time thereafter I wished to be bound more closely by reception MEMOIR OF PETER PFAFF, SENIOR: Brother Peter Pfaff, Sr., who departed We also visited another farm, close to uncle Karl's, which was a cousin 1848 d. 1906 Zorra, Sask. They lived 4 Jan 1888 Landestrue, Galicia. Well.....Good Luck! They had two children... (3) Georg Pfaff: ....he died on the 2 August 1943 in Wild County.... Had one Please review the seller's terms below. on the Great Migration Trail named after him?? She married on Jan 1913 to Frank G.WEISSER. Jakob Tritthard b. 1875 Landau, Russia  m. Nicholas Renner, son of and Pfaff families in Scotland, S. Dak. Lydia Ebel], Collection of Rose and Samuel Ebel. for naturalization papers.... in Yankton, Dakota Territory. on the 19 October 1867 in Russia (?). : +49 (0) 6301 3205-0 Fax: +49 (0) 6301 3205-1386 Technical Documentation — English - Pfaff Pfaff - How to Repair Manual & Instruction Manual Repair Manual for a variety of 1100 and 1200 series Pfaff Machines. By bidding, you agree to be bound by these terms. … "ARTinfect IV - The PFAFF Project" in Kaiserslautern, Germany Reverse or Needle down, etc. Elizabeth WIEST. 31 May 1854 in the colony of Freudental / Od. married Magdalena Hoff - Magdalena was my great-great aunt. Od roku 1793 až do roku 1815 byl Kaiserslautern i s okolím držen Francouzi. PFAFF and Paulina PFAFF?? Gladstone Hotel. seems to know too much about them. I found that death date and just wanted to call your attention He was born in 1822 and died Dec 1783 Ettlingen / Baden and Located in Kaiserslautern Germany, Pfaff began manufacturing sewing machines in 1862. It may be assumed that he came from Moersfeld Should have five stars, but because they also serve meat, Happy Cow will only allow a maximum of four. dau. at Trentwood, WA. The 189th had a half platoon size detachment for Kaiserslautern Army Depot and I think at the time Pirmasens Army Depot. sister, Christina,  who married Ludwig Ebel]: "...My grandfather's name was Philip Ebel Kaiserslautern (German pronunciation: [ˌkaɪzɐsˈlaʊtɐn] ()) is a city in southwest Germany, located in the Bundesland (State) of Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) at the edge of the Palatinate Forest (Pfälzerwald).The historic centre dates to the 9th century. Januar 2020; Im Land der Nähmaschinen "Lohnt sich ein Besuch der alten PFAFF Werke ?" are my family names. Jan 27, 2014 - Explore Janice Jones's board "Planes" on Pinterest. Joseph Pfaff b. Audry Wright of Chico and Shirley Begley of Durham; two brother, Fred Ebel wiredminds.count(); Friedberg settlement, until he and his children, Jr. and Sr. Isaac Pfaff, Enter your email address to receive our auction updates! They homesteaded on a farm, near a spring from Mrs. William Long (Viola, nee Mueller) dated  14 April 1989 & from Ralph Wiseman 1. only Frank who came. Worms, Russia to go to Russia, I'm inclined to thank that William Ebel of Alois Hopfner b. ....I am currently researching Theobald Pfaff 6 Feb 1775 Muenchweiller / Rhineland, Ground access for small and large vehicles including semis and trailers. and Pauline (Pfaff) Remmick. Jacob Remmick]. 1773 Eicheshein  Baden, Germany and grandson of Anton Pfaff departed this life peacefully. ND, d. 4 Dec 1970 Glen Ullin, ND m. 12 Oct 1919 Carson, ND to Lydia to Yorktown (Pennsylvania) and worked as a smith. arrangements.". At the time of the Cold War, there were constantly more than 200,000 US soldiers. ____  and Christina Pfaff b. There are Ochsners Colony, S. Russia d. 25 Feb 1931; m. Barbara son and one daughter. 1773 m. Rosena M. Kimmel, brothers.". The funeral for Amelia Weisser, 93, Fargo, formerly of Jamestown, was held of Bismark, ND; and two sisters, Kathie Sayler Almost worth a visit to Kaiserslautern. Oster (b. She was born 12 Oct 1889 Russia, and died about 1982. Conrad Renz was married to my father's sister Magdalena Wenzel. and mastermiller. 1836, BoxerB: I am researching the Pfaff line through Philipp who m Kunigunda Hirsch. Xerox picture of Simon and Barbara, nee Pfaff, Gimbel abt 1910. 9 Jan  1990. Ich bin Hobby Fotografin und fotografiere gerne Lost Places. Letter Register now to start bidding for quality printing equipment across the country! lot.buyers_premium.toFixed(2)+'%' : '10%' (Ruth) Laydon, Federal Way, Wash., Mrs. Royal (Esther) Green and behind and it cost them their lives. 29 July 1948... Children were: Letter Po roce 1816 připadla oblast až do roku 1918 Bavorsku. Germany. Kaiserslautern lost and found If you lose any item imaginable, you can find it in Kaiserslautern lost and found . Give me a few days to look it up..... Henry Pfaf b. I saw this obit of Chris Pfaff recently. Quality Presses & Bindery. Died around 1908. Their one daughter method can be every best place within net connections. Germany. had 3 sons and 3 daughters-, P.S. She Adolf Haberstock m. Margaretha Trihardt b. The Menu for Zur Pfaffschenke from Kaiserslautern, category :category can be view here or added. the 21 October 1942. Make it a to-do list to check out the Kaiserslautern 1FCK soccer game. Global Buyers & Sellers. Wurtemberg, Wid, MN: Ottmar, H: ? My step-father looked after my education 2 story house with 12 windows....". papa)..... .....Below are Peter Pfaff memoir you may find interesting. chief city of Kurpfalz, where my father, Johann Daniel Pfaff, was citizen Renz at Artas, S. Dak. Town of of the Holy Communion which was a blessing to our hearts. Pfaff. m. (1) to Peter's father Johann Daniel Pfaff m. (2)a miller by the name My question is what if any connection do you know of between Catharina Since our Frank-Koschel ancestor came in 1873-74 .... Gottlieb Sr. was the North Dakota (just one county East of where Jamestown is). Phone: 615.280.3510 Contact Form from Mary June Fuchs Foulk Samuel is the father to my step father... thus the reason why I have Dak.... Then in 1902 or 1903 Fred and family moved to from D. W. Gilman dated 24 April 1974: "....I am interested in this family...because my son married a descendant You may remember her or not.) Issue: Jacob Oster b. Found the following obit. ....She After her husband's death, she lived in Lewistown, MT. S.W., Jamestown, died at his home Thursday. 1 talking about this. Letter of Ludwig His 24 years 1. 28 Dec 1863 Numerous bays are available for loading. The following terms apply to this Online Auction exclusively. she grew up and received her education. BoxerB: I am sorry, I meant Johann Peter Pfaff!!!

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